New interview and this time we go to Poland! Rafal, current representative, has given us a few minutes of his time to tell us about his life, his passions, how happy he feels to do what he does and infect us with that good energy that characterizes him.

With his generous and energetic way of talking to us, he also told us how Eurovision and Junior Eurovision have been in his life. His experience in the national final of his country in 2017 where he came second, the presentation of Junior Eurovision as host, his participation as a national jury in Tel Aviv 2019 and now as the total protagonist of 2021.

He also told us details of the recording of “The Ride”, how it was born, what message he wants to send, secrets about the official video and the plans of the TVP in case of not being able to travel to Rotterdam.

So enjoy this friendly interview, share, comment and give all your support to Rafal.


Interview: Alberto Delgado

Contact and questions: Christopher Estrada

Por Christopher Estrada

Comunicador social, periodista y próximamente psicólogo colombiano. Mientras sigo en el proceso de volverme loco, Eurovisión es una buena ruta de escape y por eso escribo desde hace cinco años para OGAE RoW Latino.

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