The double British representative in Eurovision, finally has the opportunity to step on the stage of Eurovision after last year’s cancellation. He had a short but close talk with us where he tells us how he is living the experience of representing an entire country in the largest music festival on the planet.

Also, he spoke to us on how the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the perception of the artist that he wanted to be, since he currently feels that people need more positivity and joy, that is why he feels more identified today with “Embers” than “My Last Breath”. On the other hand, he gives us a review of all the projects that are coming up after Eurovision, such as his next single and an album just about to be finished.

He opened up with us about how it is the weight of going from a hit writer for other artists to being the absolute protagonist of his own hits and how his wife is the one who ”light up his room”, he confessed that he always thinks of her in everything what he is doing. Finally, he makes a bit of self-criticism of the management of the United Kingdom in Eurovision after its poor results in recent years and the hope that he can touring Latin America.

Find out more about James in our interview. Give love, share it and show your support for the British representative.

Interview: Alberto Delgado

Questions: Christopher Estrada and Jose Melgarejo

Contact: Christopher Estrada

Por Christopher Estrada

Comunicador social, periodista y próximamente psicólogo colombiano. Mientras sigo en el proceso de volverme loco, Eurovisión es una buena ruta de escape y por eso escribo desde hace cinco años para OGAE RoW Latino.

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